Yves Dorfsman

email: yves@zioup.com phone: +1-403-870-8649 website: https://yves.zioup.com address: Calgary, Canada

Experienced DevOps and Full-Stack Developer with a proven track record of managing and supporting complex system architectures including large-scale production environments.

Work Experience

ComIT, Calgary

Instructor, 2023/09 - 2023/12

Leading a 12 week React class for adults (three evenings per week).

skills: Adult Learning, facilitation, html, CSS, React

Aviron Software, Missouri remote

Full Stack Developer, 2023/03 - 2023/04

Added and completed features for two months to help finish a medical testing project in order to meet deadlines.

skills: TypeScript, React, Node.js, MySQL

Nuance Communications, Massachusetts remote

Full Stack Developer, 2022/09 - 2022/12

Resolved all security vulnerabilities to satisfy audits on both the front end and back end of Nuance's "Dragon Ambient eXperience" (DAX healthcare patient interaction management), updating npm dependencies, refactoring code where needed, merging with new feature branches.

skills: JavaScript, React, npm, Node.js

Nuance Communications, Massachusetts remote

Frontend Web Developer, 2022/04 - 2022/09

Automated Docker configuration files generation providing a simpler onboarding and a smoother Developer Experience (DX). Completed and Added features to an Electron.js internal proxy tool (similar to Fiddler, proxying browser requests to be able to inject dev code into production environments). Managed tickets, wrote end-to-end tests and fixed bugs for the Nuance Live Chat application.

skills: Docker, TypeScript, React, vanilla JavaScript, Node.js, ElectronJS, cucumberJS, Playwright

Walmart Labs, California remote

Frontend Web Developer, 2020/01 - 2022/03

Refactored pages from AngularJS to React for the Torbit console. Solved long term performance issues. Added new features.

skills: TypeScript, JSX, React hooks, SCSS, Bootstrap, webpack, Storybook, docker, MySQL

Walmart Labs, California remote

Edge Network Architect and Support, 2017/07 - 2019/12

Designed and implemented egress and cache strategies using internal reverse proxy, CDN and GTM. Worked with other teams and solved production incidents. Implemented performance reporting across multiple CDNs.

skills: DNS, Global Traffic Management, GSLB, multi CDN, Load Balancers (L7 and L4), TLS, http , tcpip , CDN, Lua, Python, seaborn, pandas, matplotlib

Walmart Labs, California remote

Developer, 2017/07 - 2018/02

Migrated and converted a site from PAAS (AWS) to internal infrastructure. Upgraded frontend and backend (Django), updraded Chrome, Safari and Firefox extensions, upgraded IOS app.

skills: Python, Django, browser extensions, AWS, S3, SQS, Swift Object Store, MySQL

Walmart Labs, California remote

DevOps team lead, 2015/07 - 2017/07

Lead a 5 member DevOps team. Reduced deployment times from hours to minutes through automation and resolving issues. Eliminated down time during deployment by designing and implementing a blue/green strategy. Eliminated outages due to certificate issues by streamlining certs across CDNs and Load Balancers. Passed all security and PCI audits.

skills: http , CDNs , Load Balancers , automation , OneOps

Telo (now neustar), Georgia remote

Developer and DevOps, 2013/09 - 2016/12

Maintenance of a Flask API backend, solving performance and scaling issues. Reduced runtime from multiple days to 8 hours to populate 600 M records from database to html on S3 by using Python processes and threads on high CPU EC2 instances

skills: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, MonetDB, AWS EC2, SQS, RDS

Outpace Systems

Canadian Pacific



Hughes Aircraft



UNIX and Linux System Administrator for various companies. Full CV available on website.


University of Calgary

Professional Certificate Adult Learning 2001

200 hours Certificate in Adult Learning and facilitation

The Open University

BA Honours Mathematics (Open) 1997

8 courses in pure mathematics, 3 courses in statistics