SollerS Inc.
2807 Brecken road
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 1H5
Tel: (403) 870 8649
email: yves@SollerS.ca


Walmart Labs

Edge Network Architect and Support
Assist markets with ingress configuration and troubleshooting DNS, Global Traffic Management, TLS, http, tcpip, CDNs, Lua

Walmart Labs

Special Project
Migration and conversion of a full site (yumprint.com) from PAAS to Walmart Labs internal architecture. Python, Django, browser extensions, AWS, S3, SQS, Swift Object Store.

Walmart Labs

DevOps - Grocery Home Shopping team
Automate deployment, implementation of a Blue/Green strategy, PCI audits, Production support
http, CDNs, Load Balancers, automation, OneOps.

Telo USA

Developer / DBA
REST API backend developement and maintenance, reporting.
Python, PostgreSQL, AWS EC2, SQS, RDS.

Outpace Systems

Sysadmin / DBA
System administration including network design, security, backup/restore strategy, continuous deployment and integration.
Amazon AWS: IAM, EC2, S3, EMR, private and public VPCs
Data stores: PostgreSQL, Hadoop Hive and Impala, redis, Elasticsearch
Programing and scripting: Python

Canadian Pacific Railway

DevOps team lead
Infrastructure team lead for the "Customer Station" project, CP's web interface to its customers, using a mixture of technologies including WebSeal, haproxy, nginx, tomcat, MQs, Oracle and WebSphere eXtreme Scale and a variety of tools such as Splunk and AppDynamics, using hosted and cloud (Amazon EC2) environments. Management of environments, infrastructure lifecycle and relationship with vendors, DBAs and the development team.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Senior UNIX System administrator
Linux and WebSphere administration. Established and implemented deployment strategie. Isolation and resolution of issues (security, html, css, networking, OS, database). Written tools for troubleshooting, deployment, database refreshes (Python, bash).

Nexen inc.

System administrator and technical writer
Implementation and documentation of a new Reservoir Simulation cluster for running Schlumberger Eclipse and CMG Stars using Platform LSF for scheduling and MPI over InfiniBand for parallelisation. Decommission of the previous system.

Nexen inc.

System administrator
Implementation of HP RGS and SAM as a thin client and collaboration solution, connecting users from their Windows and Linux machines to a pool of high performance blade workstations using HP RGS and SAM for running OpenWorks and GeoFrame.

Nexen inc.

System administrator and technical writer
Move from a hosted to an in-house solution for the Reservoir Simulation HPC cluster, setup, complete documentation, and knowledge transfer to the UNIX team.


Infrastructure Architect, sysadmin, DBA
Recommendation and implementation of the infrastructure for a LAMP architecture for a web 2.0 company providing a wysiwyg solutions to create and host web pages. The infrastructure was based on a combination of dedicated servers for production, virtual servers and hosted services for backup, DNS etc...

EnCana - Calgary

CVS administrator / Architect
Implementation, maintenance and support of the CVS environment for 300 users, 50 repositories, 1/2 million files, authenticated against Microsoft AD, on Solaris and Linux Red Hat. Extensive use of scripts (python) to automate production of statistics, replication of data, email of changes, and other tasks. Writing of documentation and delivery of training in a classroom setting.

EnCana - Calgary

programmer (Python, C, Perl, Korn shell)
Maintenance of scripts used in the Tibco environment, design, coding and implementation of a tool to automate the deployment of the Tibco projects, using a web front-end.

EnCana - Calgary

UNIX system administrator (AIX - Solaris)
Responsible for the AIX machines, setup of a NIM server, support to the JDE project. Design of a central Orca server (for Orcallator) for the Solaris machine.

EnCana - Calgary

UNIX coordinator (AIX - Solaris)
Dedicated UNIX analyst for the JDE project, and coordinator between the UNIX and the JDE team. JDE is implemented on AIX application servers against an Oracle DBS running on Solaris. Storage was moved from Network Appliances to EMC.

PanCanadian Petroleum Limited - Calgary

System Administrator (HP-UX)
In charge of the financial and HR UNIX servers (Smartstream, Qbyte PA, Filenet), I was responsible for the day to day operation and support (patches, scripting, support to the software team), and for planning the machines life cycle. I moved the environment from T600's and K class machines to N and A class machines, and migrated to a new EMC Symetrix). Keeping a close relationship with the software team and the DBA's, and developing reliable procedures, we managed to create a very stable environment with almost no unscheduled outage despite its complexity, running both Sybase and Oracle servers and a mixture of 32 and 64 bit applications on the same machine.

When less of my time was required with HPUX, I helped with Solaris setting up the printing environment and server, scripting the deployment of the netscape client to the Solaris workstation, and re-building some small servers.

Since 1998

Fifth Era Knowledge Corporation - Calgary

Teaching courses on Unix at different levels (introduction to beginners, shell scripting, System Administration) - (Teaching occasionally since 1998, based upon availability)

Veritas Seismic - Calgary

System Administrator (Solaris)
"Cleanup" project: Moving users, their home directories, and their scripts, from different isolated machines to a consolidated server with the users logging in from NIS'ed workstations. Most of my time was spent re-writing their scripts to take account of the new environment.
1996 - 1998

Gemini Learning System - Calgary

Teaching trainings on Unix and shell scripting (Several two to four day courses taught during that period)

Hughes Aircraft of Canada - Toronto

System Administrator / programmer
Installation and configuration of the machines (RS/6000) for the Highway 407 electronic toll system, in Toronto. Design and development of system tests (shell script, C)

Canadian Occidental - Calgary

System Administrator
Unix System administration on Solaris and AIX (replacing the main sys admin during his holidays).

Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. - Calgary

System Administrator
Implementation of a "Unified System Management" using Tivoli and Harvest on IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX and Sun-OS, in an environment of over 70 machines.

Hughes Aircraft of Canada - Calgary

System Administrator / C programmer
Administration and support of a network of different 'UNIX' machines (IBM AIX 4.1, HP-UX 9 and 10, SGI IRIX 5.3, Sun Solaris 2.4) used for the development of GIS product, and development of specific benchmark tests (C on Unix) for the Highway 407 project.

Setpoint Canada - Calgary, Canada

Unix C programmer
Design, coding, documentation and implementation of the 'access control' for the Pemex Azcapotzalco (Mexico) Petroleum Terminal. This project was mainly developed on SetCim (Setpoint's own real- time database), using external C programs on HP9000 (HP-UX 9.0).

Barclays Financial Services - London, UK

System Administrator
Technical support and administration of the production system on a major project: over 240 users on 25 RS/6000 and X-terminals. The role involved Aix and network administration, relationship with the two sites where the machines and the users were, relationship with the development team.

Warwick Software Development Laboratory

International Business Machine - Warwick, UK System Programmer
Complete responsibility of a network of 10 RS/6000: AIX administration, backup strategy. TCP/IP network, X-Stations and Name Server admin and support. DB2/6000 install and admin, DB2/2 and host connections, Korn Shell and REXX procedures, etc... Technical support on AIX to the developers, the support team, and the test team: Investigation on particular problems between the software being developed and AIX, writing of C utilities, shell scripts etc...

UNILEVER - London, UK / Rotterdam, Netherlands

System Engineer
Support to the development team on Networks (NetWare, OS/2 Lan Server, TCP/IP), comms and implementation of projects on cross platform environments such as Unix, Windows and Dos (Express, Oracle). Writing of complementary utilities in C, Assembler and Korn shell.

Central Point Software Int'l - Uxbridge, UK

Technical Support
Support by phone on Central Point products (DOS and Windows utilities) to all Central Point customers, from private users to corporate customers.

International Business Machine - Paris la Defense, France

Support to IBM resellers on Novell NetWare, and teaching IBM Engineers how to support NetWare.

R et D - Suresnes, France

Technical Support group leader
Management of a team of pre and post sale technical support engineers on network and communications product (Novell, Wollongong, etc...) (CNE + CNI).

Bayard Service Informatique - Montrouge, France

Network Engineer
Help desk and on-site intervention for customers connected to Bayard mainframes (VM and MVS on IBM 3090, UNIX on workstations running videotexte software). Help sales people to find technical solutions to connect prospect customers.

Memorex Telex - Levallois, France

Customer Engineer
On site hardware maintenance of Memorex's own brand of PC's, usually connected to a 3270 network or to a LAN (NetWare).

SM2IE - Bussy St Georges, France

Junior Technician
Repair of micro computer cards (mother boards) and peripherals. Management of electronic component stock.



Business Analysis Certificate (incomplete)

Mount Royal University

TOGAF 8 Certified Product Standard

The Open Group

Certificate in Adult Education

University of Calgary

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Open

The Open University - Milton Keynes, England
(3 courses in statistics, 8 courses in pure Mathematics)

Baccalauréat F2 Electronique

Académie de Créteil, France
High school diploma, Specialised in Electronic.